About Us

What We Are

Naivedyam was founded in the year 2020. Our goal is to serve better homemade food, cooked by our best chefs, across the country. We started off in a small space, wherein we found our vision to bring out quality and quantity into our Indian food culture.

Our company's first major priority is to create an ambience of our food as a homemade food experience. Naivedyam consists of hardworking chefs who are experienced in prepareing homemade food; thus it makes you feel you're at home once you cherish the food. Our best chefs come from places who know the right spices and ingredients to make you happy once you eat the food. They not only understand our food but also how we need our food to be cooked right. As there's a good saying,“Our Mother's know the right spices and ingredients to create the flavour which provides nourishment". We believe that the best source of experience in building relationships with our clients is through our hmemade food.

You can choose from the categories like breakfast, lunch and dinner and place the order online. We will ensure the food gets delivered at your doorstep. This in turn helps us to create awareness through love and support from our consumers so we can expand and reach out to everyone. We look forward in building a happy homemade food that wins hearts of our customers.